Monday, July 1, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed 2013 BET Awards!

The BET Awards was a star studded event with fashion jaw droppers and "what do they have on?" moments all night long! Here's my take on some of the best and worst dressed.

One of the best!

One of the worst!

Check the site for my latest post and the rest of my list on!

I'll see ya soon then!

xo BK

Thursday, June 27, 2013's newest Fashion Blogger!

That's right lovelies, I applied and got an internship for to be their new fashion blogger. As you all can imagine I am STOKED to say the least. The site has everything from music news, sports, the latest tech news and so much more, including of course fashion!

I need all of you to get familiar with this site. Look forward to big things form me and the site. Check out my first published post. 

Thanks in advance for your support.

I'll see ya soon then!

xo BK

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Graduating in style!

It's been ages! I've been a busy lady. I've officially walked across the stage again, first time in 9 years! I already can't wait to do it again! These aren't exactly blog pictures but I wanted to share my moment with you all!

Boyfriend. My support system.

Mama. My inspiration.

Congratulations to the class of 2013!

Crop top: Body Central
Maxi skirt: H&M
Pumps: Boutique 9 via Nine West
Bracelet: Pandora

I'll see ya soon then.
xo BK

Friday, April 26, 2013

Footwear Friday!

I think I have a problem. I may or may not be becoming addicted to combat boots! The girly girl, who would have thought! As if my shopping spree wasn't enough I just ordered another pair. They were on sale though, so that makes it okay!

PUNISHER via Bakers

I'll see ya soon then!

xo BK

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unplanned Spree!

So I went to the mall with the intention on buying a new flat iron being that I realized AFTER I washed my hair today I haven't seen mine since I left Cali a few weeks ago...
I got my flat iron all right, and a few...other things. It'd been a while since I actually shopped in a mall. I've turned into an avid online shopper. And let me just say, I plan on hitting the gym becauseI've put on a few lol! Nothing like trying on clothes to remind you of that!

CHI via JCPenny
I was long overdue for a new flatiron and I figured I may as well get one of the best. I was super excited when I found it in pink! It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be ($85 + tax), but it's still more than I've ever spent on a flatiron. I can't wait to use it!

via H&M

I only have a few pieces from H&M but now that Beyoncé is the face I had to see what they had.

 I love high-low skirts and I think this is a great color for spring! 

Followed by a full length double split maxi skirt.  I don't have blue clothing but I have some blue pumps so this was fitting. 

I also picked up a new studded purse, a plain black "must have" mini skirt, some new makeup brushes and this cuteeee cuff earrings!

via Express

Now that Spring is here and Summer is approaching I needed a new travel/beach bag. This will make traveling a bit more stylish. Originally $50, I got it on sale for $15! I sure do love a sale. :)

via Body Central

I never wear shorts but I've been wanting a pair of the disco type high waisted ones and I found a black and white pair! I plan on pairing it with the black crop top and a white blazer! 

Then I picked up another maxi skirt. I don't own many stripe patterns but I thought this color was light enough for Spring, and it has a split! Nothing like showing off a little leg. I also got the striped crop top.

 This dress is my FAVORITE purchase of the day! I have a trip to Chicago coming up, I do hope the weather permits me to wear this bad boy!

 And lastly some long blue earrings to pair with my new maxi from H&M.

via Papaya

I  was almost out of the mall! But then then I remembered I'd previously purchased these floral print jeans while in Cali and I wasn't sure I had a shirt to go with them. Luckily the shirt was on the same rack as the jeans in this store. By this time I was too tired ti even try it on, lol so I hope I like the fit! I don't have any thin belts and that's a major no no, so I picked up these 3. There's a few more I plan on going back to get. The had some great colors and designs.

Emele Nude Steve Madden via Journeys

I'd seen these online but at the time I didn't need any new shoes especially at full price. I like this cut out pattern on the side, it gives a little extra something to a plain pump. And guess what...YUP I got them on sale. They look great on! 

That wraps it up. The past week as been a big shopping one for me. I'm currently waiting on an order from Bella Dream Hair. I'm VERY excited about these extensions. They were VERY pricey but it's an investment. I won't have to shop for hair for a year if I maintain it properly!

I'll see ya soon then!

xo BK

Friday, April 19, 2013

Footwear Friday!

3rd pair of shoes I've ordered in 2 weeks! Tis the season! Believe it or not I actually ordered these for work. I work for T-Mobile, and I can't stand a boring uniform so I wear knee boots with it. Luckily my manager allows me to express myself in this way. But after a year in the same boots they are falling apart. :( They were a gift from my late God mother so I plan on getting them fixed and no longer wearing them to work. Anyways, here are the new "work boots"!

Sonnya via Steve Madden

I know what you may be thinking... who orders Steve Maddens for work at T-Mobile?! Lol, THIS GIRL. And the best part is these bad boys were orignally $199.99 but I got them on sale for...$39.99! You won't find another T-Mobile employee working in $200 boots!

My next few shoe purchases will probably be sandals! Can't wait to get on the hunt.

I'll see ya soon then!

xo BK

Monday, April 15, 2013

This weeks WANTS!

This week is all about shoes (mostly)! I've seen so many pairs that I NEED in my life! And I ordered some this week as well. Decisions decisions!

Let's start with my most recent purchases.

The Apple Ranch Boot I in Brown

I needed a new pair of Combat type boots because as I've said before I own mostly heels. The one pair of boots I have I am wearing to death because they are my favs! I'm sure I'll have a post wearing those soon enough. I haven't worn these yet but I have tried them on and they're super comfy. I got them on sale via karmaloop!

Huarache Dance Low Sneaker

I guess this was my dress down order week. I've been meaning to get back in the gym but that becomes very difficult when you don't own sneakers! I am not a sneaker fan at all but a few years ago I stumbled across a pair of Huaraches in Lady Foot Locker and I LOVED them! I had the same pair for about 2-3 years and when I moved in December I had to part with them because they wore worn out! I searched for over a year for another pair before I got rid of them but could only ever find cleats or they never had my size. Well, I finally found some via Ebay at that! I can not wait to get them.

Bouaflea via Aldo

Medici via Aldo

I came across both these on Facebook and Oh my goodness right?! I love the color combinations. They could certainly jazz up an outfit. I can't decide if I like the pump or the sandal more. Feel free to nudge me in either direction!

Here are some of my other recent purchases.

via Karmaloop

I usually wear shirts like this as cover-ups for my bikinis and summer is right around the corner!

via Karmaloop

I actually bought this for my boyfriend but it looks way better on me! Just thought it was a fun purchase!

I've been slacking on my make-up. I have problem skin so over the last year I've been using tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. My tube just ran put so I took a trip to Sephora because I've been wanting to try Bare Minerals. I must say I am very pleased! It gives me excellent coverage that lasts all day! Powders scare me because I hate to look fake or like I have my make-up caked on but that's not the case! My beauty consultant also gave me a sample of Primer that works great with my moisturizer. I also picked up a small bronzer while I was there.
I also recently tried the Rocket Volum mascara and it's great! I have so many different mascara's and this has easily become my favorite. It doesn't clump or flake throughout the day and it separates my lashes perfectly. I'm so pleased with these recent purchases. I'm excited to try some more new products. Suggestions?!

That's it for this far. :)

I'll see ya soon then!
xo BK

Friday, April 5, 2013

Peachy keen!

I apologize for my slackness! My birthday was March 27th and I was on vacation in Cali/Vegas! I tried to get a few pics of my outfits but it's hard to focus on one thing when you're having fun in the sun! :)

This is a pretty simple outfit. It wasn't very warm in Cali so I wanted to stay covered up because it was chilly at night. I absolutely LOVE this sweater. I've fallen in love with this style, I also have a dress like it and I'm in the midst of ordering a Lattice cardigan! 

Jeans :  Levi's (I cut them up)
Wedges :
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

I'll see ya soon then!
xo BK