Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This weeks WANTS!

Sorry for the delay lovelies! I was busy packing yesterday, I'm moving! Here are my recent purchases and what I wannnntttt this week!

Purchased from bakersshoes.com

Charlotte Pump in blue suede. 
Most of my heels are 5 inches or more but as of recently I've been purchasing some that are more suited for a work environment. These are 4 inches. I love this style that I've been seeing lately with the different texture toe. I also have these in all black, also from Bakers. The best part about this purchase was that I caught an amazing sale! Currently Bakers is offering an additional 20% sale items! So after shipping costs I got these babies for $17.67! I believe the original price was $80. I have a LOT of shoes but the secret is to shop sales. That's how I buy the majority of my shoes.

In my shopping cart on sunglasshut.com

D&G sunglasses.
Summer is fast approaching! I tend to only buy one or two pairs of sunglasses a sumer because I'm the girl that loses or breaks them. :( I like that these are all gold surely a great way to jazz up an outfit!
I read a review on the site that says these are not Dolce & Gabbana but instead are from the younger brand D&G. (which is just the less expensive version) That's news to me but I'm glad I now know it. I guess I need to do more research! When buying name brand you always want to be sure you know what you're buying to avoid an embarrassment! 

In my tote on nastygal.com

Off the Record Trench in Bone.
I do NOT like wearing coats! Lol, but I've been finding trenches that are fashionable, I do have a few. I think this Trench would be a great addition for Spring. It's not too heavy and the color Bone still lets you go away from the darker colors associated with winter.

That's it for this week. I've been pretty busy so my carts aren't too stocked right now lol. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great week! 

I'll see ya soon then!
xo BK

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